Sonic Blast Menu

Welcome to the delectable world of Sonic Blast! Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary experience as we unveil our sensational Sonic Blast Menu, crafted with utmost passion and expertise.

Whether you’re craving a mouthwatering dessert or a satisfying snack, Sonic menu offers an extensive range of irresistible treats that will leave you craving more.

From indulgent ice cream sundaes to tantalizing milkshakes, every item on our Sonic Blast Menu is carefully curated to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Join us as we embark on a culinary adventure, exploring the flavoursome delights that await you at Sonic Blast.

Get ready to savour every bite and enjoy the ultimate sensory pleasure of our remarkable menu. Discover the extraordinary at Sonic Blast Menu!

Sonic Blast Menu

What is a Sonic Blast?

A fantastic ice cream milkshake with fruit chunks and whipped cream is called Sonic Blast. As the summer heat returns, sound blasts become almost magically effective.

However, it keeps you energized and provides you with a delectable concoction of shakes and ice cream. By including cookies, fruit bits, and sweets, Sonic created its blasts.

It is a delectable delicacy that features soft ice cream, a variety of fruits, and other toppings. What will the Sonic Blasts menu 2023 contain? Let’s make it more visible.

Sonis Blasts Menu with Prices

Mini Sonic Blast $2.89
Small Sonic Blast $3.39
Medium Sonic Blast $4.09
Large Sonic Blast $5.49

Best Sonic Blast Flavors To Try

I believe that everyone’s favourite dessert is ice cream. However, when mixed with chocolate, caramel, hot fudge, and other types of mouthwatering fruit pieces.

I usually suggest Sonic for such an excellent treat. because there are many different types of sound booms. Even if Sonic Blasts’ costs are a little bit higher than those of their rivals, they are nonetheless worthwhile.

Undoubtedly, Sonic offers a wide selection of blasts, and I have found some that are quite tasty and flavorful. But first, let me briefly discuss the magnitude of the blasts that Sonic offers before I go on to describe these tastes.

There are four sizes of sonic blasts that are mini, small, medium, and large. Let’s explore some of the tastiest and most delicious Sonic Blasts varieties from 2023.

Strawberry Cheesecake Sonic Blast

Strawberry Cheesecake Sonic Blast

At Sonic Blast, enjoy the delectable Strawberry Cheesecake Sonic Blast! The lusciousness of creamy cheesecake is combined with the sweetness of juicy strawberries in this delectable frozen treat.

With each scoop, the silky cheesecake ice cream intertwines with swirls of strawberry sauce and crispy graham cracker crumbles, creating a symphony of flavours.

This Sonic Blast is a wonderful surprise for your taste buds, topped with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry. Allow the delicious mix of the Strawberry Cheesecake Sonic Blast to transport you to dessert nirvana.

The Caramel Brownie Soft Blast

The Caramel Brownie Soft Blast

Enjoy Sonic’s The Caramel Brownie Soft Blast, an amazing treat. This mouthwatering dessert has chunks of rich brownie liberally strewn on top of creamy soft-serve ice cream that has been blended with luscious caramel sauce.

You’ll enjoy a wonderful balance of rich, creamy flavours and exquisite textures with every divine spoonful.

A symphony of flavours is created by the combination of creamy ice cream, gooey caramel, and fudgy brownie that will satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth.

The Caramel Brownie Soft Blast from Sonic will give you the best dessert experience ever.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sonic Blast

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sonic Blast

With our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sonic Blast, indulge to the fullest. This exquisite concoction blends substantial portions of chewy chocolate chip cookie dough with silky smooth vanilla ice cream, which are expertly combined to create a flavorful symphony.

You will savour the ice cream’s velvety richness and the cookie dough’s enticing sweetness with each spoonful.

This delicious dessert will sate your hunger and leave you wanting more. Treat yourself to our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sonic Blast today and set out on a flavour-filled adventure that will wow you.

Snickers Sonic Blast

Snickers Sonic Blast

Enjoy the sinfully delicious Snickers Sonic Blast, a wonderful mashup of decadent Snickers candy pieces, creamy vanilla ice cream, and rich chocolate.

This mouthwatering dessert blends the crunch of roasted peanuts with the swirls of caramel and the delicious nougat of Snickers, all expertly incorporated into smooth and velvety ice cream.

You’ll taste the ideal balance of flavours and textures with every spoonful, producing a symphony of satisfaction with each bite.

Don’t pass on this amazing treat, which will satiate your sweet desire and leave you wanting more. Give the Snickers Sonic Blast a try today!

Oreo Sonic Blast

Oreo Sonic Blast

With our Oreo Sonic Blast at Sonic Blast, experience absolute bliss! For an exceptional treat that will satiate your sweet craving, this delicious frozen delicacy combines velvety vanilla ice cream with copious amounts of Oreo cookie bits.

America’s favourite cookie flavour and a wonderful crunch are delivered in every spoonful. Our Oreo Sonic Blast is the ideal pleasure, whether you enjoy cookies and cream or just want a delectable dessert.

With each delectable bite, delve deeper into a world of creamy sweetness and Oreo goodness. At Sonic Blast, treat yourself to the ultimate Oreo experience!

M&M’s Sonic Blast

M&M’s Sonic Blast

Enjoy our M&M’s Sonic Blast for its unstoppable ecstasy. This wonderful frozen dessert creates a symphony of tastes and textures by combining creamy, silky ice cream with a large number of vibrant M&M candies.

You’ll taste the rich creaminess of the ice cream, perfectly balanced by the crunch and sweetness of the M&Ms, with every spoonful.

Your senses will be delighted, and you’ll want more. Enjoy the ideal balance of crunch and smoothness in every delectable mouthful of our M&M’s Sonic Blast as the ultimate delight.

Turtle Pecan Sonic Blast

Turtle Pecan Sonic Blast

Experience our Turtle Pecan Sonic Blast’s delicious delight. This delectable frozen dessert mixes rich, creamy vanilla ice cream with large amounts of sweet caramel sauce and crunchy pecans.

Each spoonful contains a fascinating symphony of flavours and textures thanks to the flavorful fusion. You’ll enjoy the ideal harmony of sweet caramel, nutty pecans, and silky ice cream in every bite.

The delectable Turtle Pecan Sonic Blast will take your taste buds to a world of unadulterated ecstasy, so treat yourself to it today.

Butterfinger Sonic Blast

Butterfinger Sonic Blast

Enjoy Sonic Blast’s delectable Butterfinger Sonic Blast, a divine creation. This frozen treat offers a wonderful symphony of tastes and textures thanks to the inclusion of big chunks of crunchy Butterfinger candy bars and silky vanilla ice cream.

You will enjoy the creamy smoothness of the ice cream and the delicious Butterfinger pieces in every spoonful, producing a really decadent dessert.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the irresistible fusion of crunch and smoothness that makes the Butterfinger Sonic Blast a dessert connoisseur’s essential must-try. Visit Sonic Blast today to experience the magic of this amazing frozen creation.

The Triple Chocolate Sonic Blast

The Triple Chocolate Sonic Blast

A magnificent treat that spoils your taste senses with three different kinds of chocolate is called the Triple Chocolate Sonic Blast.

Rich chocolate ice cream, velvety chocolate syrup, and bits of luscious chocolate brownie combine to produce this mouthwatering treat’s harmonious flavour combination.

You’ll want more with every spoonful of the wonderful explosion of creamy, chocolatey heaven.

The Triple Chocolate Sonic Blast is certain to satiate your sweet taste and leave you in chocolate nirvana, whether you’re a chocolate fanatic or just looking for a divine dessert experience.

Reese’s Sonic Blast

Reese’s Sonic Blast

A delicious delicacy called Reese’s Sonic Blast mixes the decadent flavours of Reese’s peanut butter cups with the creamy delight of a milkshake.

The perfect balance of sweet and salty is achieved in this decadent treat by combining velvety soft-serve ice cream with bits of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

The Reese’s Sonic Blast is a delectable treat that will satisfy the needs of every peanut butter and chocolate fan.

It is generously drizzled with chocolate syrup and dusted with crushed peanuts. Experience a wonderfully delightful taste sensation by indulging in this divine invention.

What’s the difference between a Sonic Shake and a Sonic Blast?

The texture and the add-ins are the key distinctions between a Sonic Shake and a Sonic Blast.

Ice cream and milk are combined to make a thick, creamy drink that is the basis of a Sonic shake.

A Sonic Blast, on the other hand, is prepared by combining ice cream with different mix-ins, like candies, cookies, or fruit, to produce a thicker, spoonable texture with pieces of mix-ins.

The Sonic Blast, therefore, has additional mix-ins mixed into it, making it a more textured and tasty alternative even though both the shake and the blast are prepared with ice cream.

Does Sonic still have the big scoop cookie dough blast?

The big scoop cookie dough blast is a delectable treat that combines real ice cream with other tasty ingredients. Additionally, it is one of the mouthwatering blasts at Sonic that is a creamy mixture of actual ice cream, Oreo cookies, and edible cookie dough pieces.

This delicious explosion features chocolate chips and Oreo cookie bits for a delicious flavour. Unfortunately, this transaction is now over. On May 2, 2021, the last batch of the giant scoop cookie sough blast was produced.

Does Sonic Blast have any sugar-free options?

Yes, Sonic Blast provides choices without added sugar for individuals who desire or need them. These guilt-free treats offer pleasure without sacrificing flavour.

Sonic Blast makes sure that you can still indulge in their delicious ice cream desserts regardless of whether you’re limiting your sugar intake or have dietary restrictions.

The sugar-free selections are skillfully created to offer the same rich flavours and creamy texture as their regular offers. So, Sonic Blast provides what you need if you’re looking for a delicious delight without additional sugar!

Can I customize my Sonic Blast order?

Yes, you can alter your Sonic Blast order by selecting the ice cream flavour, additions, and toppings of your choice.

Step 1: Choosing the Base

Start by deciding on the basic flavour of your favourite ice cream. The decision is yours as to whether you want to go with a traditional flavour or try something new.

The canvas for the upcoming flavour explosion will be the luscious ice cream.

Step 2: Selecting Mix-ins

Next, pick the mix-ins you want to use to give your Sonic Blast more intricacy and texture. There are several options available, such as cookie dough, brownie pieces, sweets, fruits, and more.

It all comes down to personalizing the dessert to your palate by combining complementary flavours or creating a wonderful contrast.

Step 3: Adding Toppings

Crown your Sonic Blast creation with mouthwatering toppings to finish it off. The toppings, which range from hot fudge and hot whipped cream to sprinkles and almonds, are the ideal finishing touch.

As you create your dessert into a gastronomic and artistic masterpiece, let your imagination soar.

Does Sonic offer any dairy-free or vegan ice cream options?

It’s true that Sonic Blast has dairy-free and vegan ice cream options. They recognize the value of accommodating various dietary requirements and have created delectable substitutes for people who live a vegan or dairy-free lifestyle.

You can still savour the exquisite flavours and textures of Sonic Blast’s ice cream delights even if you have lactose intolerance, a dairy allergy, or decide to adopt a vegan diet.

All ice cream fans will enjoy the pleasant and decadent taste of these vegan and dairy-free options, which have been expertly created.

Sonic Drive-In Contact Information

  • Sonic Drive-In Corporate Office Address: 300 Johnny Bench Dr.Oklahoma City, OK73104
  • Sonic Drive-In Corporate Phone Number: (405) 225-5000

You can also get in touch with the team at Sonic Drive-In by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQS – Sonic Blast Menu

How many options are available on the Sonic Blast Menu?

A wide range of choices are available on the Sonic Blast Menu, including Classic Blasts, Signature Blasts, and Sonic Blast Creations. Each category offers distinctive flavour combinations, so there is something for every taste.

Does Sonic Blast offer any seasonal or limited-time flavors?

To keep the menu interesting and fresh, Sonic Blast periodically releases new seasonal tastes and one-time-only specialties. To learn about the newest flavours, be sure to check their website or stop by a Sonic Blast shop.

Can I order Sonic Blast for special occasions or events?

Certainly! Any special occasion or event would benefit greatly from the inclusion of Sonic Blast. Sonic Blast can meet your ice cream demands whether you’re hosting a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or a relaxed get-together with friends. You can treat your guests to a delicious variety of Sonic Blasts that are tailored to their tastes thanks to their catering services.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for the Sonic Blast Menu?

On occasion, Sonic Blast has sales and discounts on its menu. For the most recent discounts, visit their website or social media pages.

Are there any limited-time flavors available on the Sonic Blast Menu?

Yes, Sonic Blast offers seasonal and transient flavours all year long. Visit their website or follow them on social media to stay informed.

Does the Sonic Blast Menu include gluten-free options?

Yes, Sonic Blast has gluten-free choices available for customers with dietary preferences or requirements.

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