Sonic New 2 For $5 Menu

Do you yearn for a delectable lunch that won’t break the bank? Check out the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu right away!

With this delicious product from Sonic Drive-In, hungry consumers get the ideal balance of flavour and price.

We’ll go into the specifics of this tantalizing menu in this post, looking at the tempting alternatives, the value it provides, and why it has become a favourite among Sonic fans.

So get ready to fulfil your appetite and excite your taste senses with the amazing Sonic New 2 for a $5 Menu!

Sonic New 2 For $5 Menu

Sonic New 2 For $5 Menu

Any two of the following items can now be combined for $5 plus tax.

Grilled Cheese Burger: A seasoned, 100 percent pure beef patties, two pieces of melted cheese, mustard, ketchup, and sliced onions are all served on buttery Texas Toast in a grilled cheeseburger.

Regular Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap: A warm flour tortilla is wrapped around crunchy Fritos, the company’s renowned chili, and cheddar cheese.

Small Jumbo Popcorn Chicken: All-white flesh chicken that has been breaded and deep-fried to a crisp and tender consistency is known as Small Jumbo Popcorn Chicken.

It’s important to remember that the standard pricing will apply if you buy each item separately.

For a limited time, participating Sonic Drive-In locations around the country are offering the remixed 2 for $5 bargain.

Sonic Restaurant

Popular fast food chain Sonic Drive-In is renowned for its distinctive drive-in dining experience.

Since its founding in 1953, Sonic has expanded to rank among the country’s biggest chains of drive-in restaurants.

Sonic offers a vast selection of delectable selections, such as burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and cool beverages, along with its recognizable roller-skating carhops.

The commitment of the business to excellence in quality, price, and customer service gives it great joy.

Sonic Drive-In offers savoury meals in a vintage setting if you’re searching for a quick lunch on the go or a relaxing dining experience with friends and family.


Is the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu available all day?

Yes! You can eat your favourite meal whenever suits you because Sonic Drive-In offers the 2 for $5 Menu throughout the day.

Can I customize my items on the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu?

Absolutely! Since Sonic is aware that everyone has unique preferences, you have the ability to tailor the products you select. If you wish to change the ingredients or add more toppings, Sonic will try to accommodate your requirements.

Are the items on the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu made fresh?

Indeed, I do! Sonic is dedicated to giving its customers food that is both high-quality and fresh. Every dish on the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu is made to order, guaranteeing that you always get a fantastic meal.

Can I order the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu through the Sonic app?

Definitely! Customers may now enjoy their favourite meals even more easily thanks to Sonic. Through the Sonic app, you can quickly place an order from the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu, skipping the line and saving time.

Are there any healthier options available on the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu?

While the majority of the items on the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu are rich and savoury, Sonic also provides a variety of lighter selections. To make your supper a little bit healthy, choose grilled chicken or make some ingredient swaps.

How long will the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu be available?

Depending on the area and time of the promotion, the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu may not always be available. For the most recent information, it is advisable to call or visit your neighbourhood Sonic Drive-In.


A delicious and inexpensive alternative that pleases your taste senses and your wallet is the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu.

Sonic Drive-In has something for everyone with its extensive menu of delectable burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and refreshing drinks.

So, whether you’re seeking a crispy chicken tender sandwich or a classic cheeseburger, this menu has you covered.

Don’t pass up this fantastic deal; visit your neighbourhood Sonic Drive-In right away to indulge yourself in something delicious from the Sonic New 2 for $5 Menu.


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