Sonic Secret Menu 2023

Sonic Secret Menu

Sonic Secret Menu isn’t widely known to the public, So it’s important That Secret Menus spread the message.

There are Secret menu items exclusive from Sonic, Such as Frito Pie, and maybe the more popular Dr Pepper Orgasm are among the Top choices in this list.

However, Each item is worth an attempt. Check Out the list below to discover What else the secret Sonic menu can offer you.

Sonic Secret Menu

Made-to-order Burgers


Sonic is not limited to a defined Secret menu. They utilize every ingredient, and Sauce they have At their disposal to Fulfil whatever wish the Customer desires.

Combine and mix any combination of patties, Any mix of toppings, and sauces to create your ideal Burger. Sonic will help you make it happen.

You can request for your Burger to get “made to order.” They’ll create any burger in the Realm of possibility.



I’d never order pickles as a meal myself – I’m the guy who takes them off the bun when I order a burger – but for avid pickle fanatics, this may be the ultimate meal. It’s simply a cup of battered, deep-fried pickles that you can dip in just about anything!

Before they were on the Regular menu At Sonic, those Who were a Southern favourite. But it’s still another choice.

If the Name ‘Pickle- O’s’ doesn’t Sound familiar, You can ask the batter to Fry up some pickles. Maybe even I would like Pickles If they were made This way.

Frito Pie

Frito Pie

This delicious dish puts all nachos in the shade. Why settle for ordinary chips when you could get Deliciously salty, Crispy Fritos?

Combine them with Hot Melting cheese, and a plethora of Chilli, then you’ve got What you need to make a huge Platter of deliciousness.

If you want to get your hands on (or at the very least, try) this delicious recipe, you can request chilli, and melted cheese on a stack of Fritos. It’s probably been done before.

Grilled Ham and Cheese

grilled ham and cheeses

For those that need a little more energy from the typical grilled cheese, forfeit mama’s home cooking and go to Sonic for some extra protein.

a couple of slices of sweet, Savory ham between the Crispy bread, and Melted cheese That makes for an exquisite dining experience, Even though it’s just grilled cheese.

To obtain one, request that ham be included in a grilled cheese sandwich. They’ll eagerly oblige, and you’ll be pleased you gave this New Notion a go.

Pepper Orgasm

Pepper Orgasm

This is the drink you know you want But can’t figure out how to ask for. It’s a simple trifecta of three different flavours – Dr Pepper, Powerade, and lemonade– That makes for an unforgettable refreshment.

If you don’t mind a few Puzzled looks, and gaping mouths, Give it a go and ask for the product by its name. This is a top-secret item, You can assume That they know exactly how to Create it.

If not, get a Dr Pepper with some Lemonade or Powerade Mixed in. You’ll go back to The store again, and again.

Sonic Sunrise


This mixture contains orange juice and Sonic’s trademark cherry limeade. It is created to replicate the appearance and hues of a stunning dawn.

A cool drink like the Sonic Sunrise is ideal for relaxing on a Warm summer day.

Consider it a Semi variant of a Tequila Sunrise drink. That makes it a fantastic selection for both children and adults.

Those with a Taste for fruity drinks will find the Sonic Sunrise to be a refreshing, and Delightful choice. You may enjoy it for all that it is Interesting, delicious, And visually appealing.

Purple Sprite

Purple SpriteUsing an elaborate Chemical Mixing process, scientists At Sonic have found a way to make Sprite taste better, And make it Purple. It has the Sweet citrus flavour of soda And all the fruity Deliciousness of Other Drinks in the equation.

To Find one, You can request the Purple Sprite. If they’re not sure What you’re talking about, It’s created by mixing a tiny amount of Powerade or lemonade, and Cranberry juice in the normal Sprite to create the best you’ll experience.

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